Oftentimes people can find sparring a little bit intimidating, especially for their first time. When I first started, I simply relied on my muscle memory from previous years of drilling techniques to get me through. As I continue to train and improve, here are a few tips I learned along the way to help you along your way:

  1. Look at their chest because when you look at their chest you can see the whole body.
  2. Watch for indications that they’re going to attack like their shoulders moving.
  3. Watch how the other people spar because that will allow you to know what you are kind of up against.
  4. Always keep your hands up so its faster to block when you need to.
  5. Always be on the balls of your feet to help you move faster.
  6. Try and see what your opponents next move will be for example if they move a certain way try thinking of all the possible techniques they can use.
  7. When you attack try not to make it like a pattern so do not wait five seconds to attack each time
  8. Be aggressive I find I spar better when I am aggressive that does not mean kick or punch hard we do not want to hurt the other person.


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