Living Life On The Edge


“When you takeoff and you are in the air, things aren’t in real time.”

Andrew Franklin

Although one can easily say PARKOUR was started back in the day of cave men, having to run, climb, and vault over all kinds of obstacles in their path, things really only started to take shape with George Hebert (1875-1957). George was a French Naval officer, world traveler, and physical educator.

During his travels to Africa he ran into some Indigenous tribes and quickly noticed how very physically fit they were just from doing very natural movements such as climbing, swimming, and hunting. From that he created “Parcour des Combattant” which stands for military obstacle course (such as climbing ropes, vaulting over walls, crawling ect…), Which in turn also helped influence today’s playgrounds.

As George continued to train soldiers, he trained one very particular individual by the name of Ramond Belle – a champion rope climber. Ramond had a son named David Belle, who in the mid’ 1980’s went on to become a teen member of a group in France that trained in “L’art du Placement” (The Art of Displacement), where it really all started. Eventually when the group split up, David went on to develop and coin the term PARKOUR as we know it.

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