Trick School Hyper

Trick School Hyper

“To some people tricking is a sport, to others it’s an art, to me it’s a way I can express myself.”

Jacob Pinto

Trick School Hyper teamed up with Dan Perez and top trickers worldwide to inspire a generation of Tricking Athletes rooted in Authenticity, Creativity, Scientific Training and Executing Perfect Martial Arts Tricking Techniques.

Professor Perez created the Hyper Trick School to systematically and safely train athletes in the fundamentals of tricking. He breaks down tricking into a cool system with 8-levels that anyone can follow and learn. He shows you step by step how to learn kicks, transitions, inverts, variations and create your own combinations to pass each Tricking Athlete Level.

There are 8 Hyper Trick School Levels & Tricking Athlete tests.

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