“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” ~Ignacio Estrada

Coming into the home stretch of this academic year for so many kiddos, it is no secret that keeping eyes on, ears on and bodies steady is a challenge for many! As children dream of their summer adventures, it can be noticeably tough watching them wrap up the school year knowing full well the building anticipation of summer is filling their minds, bodies and spirits with such exciting distractions of all the fun to come.

When children begin to struggle with the goals set before them whether on or beyond the mats, it is important to be attuned to their mindset shifts. When in tune with their ebb and flow regarding achievements they are striving to earn or obligations they are trying to see through, being adaptable in how you are supporting and encouraging your child is critical.

Does this mean we throw in the towel when things get hard? Certainly not! Even us as grown ups run into roadblocks and lose a bit of steam trying to see our goals through to the finish line now and then. The key is to have tools at the ready that help to support, nurture and guide your child through the challenges so they can finish the race strong!

Cue our next two Teaching SKILLZ!

Up the Rep!

There is a level of mental toughness that often accompanies challenges. Up the Rep! is based on the concept that as one moves from a mild intensity to an increased level of difficulty throughout each challenge, ultimately mental toughness, strength and self-confidence grow and mature.


Neurobics is a fan favorite and the sixth of the Teaching SKILLZ! It is a teaching concept based on bringing the right and left hemispheres of the brain together by challenging the mind to think smarter and harder! Overall, this improves cognitive function in kids, allowing them to think more clearly and recall more easily what they learned.

How can these concepts help my child beyond the mats?

Great question Proud Ninja Parent! Whether your child is enjoying classes on the mats or time with you at home, Teaching SKILLZ is a supportive concept that you can always have at the ready in your back pocket to help your child in a variety of situations. 

Here’s just a few inspirations to get your own creative Teaching SKILLZ ideas flowing:

The Family Fitness Challenge!

As we come into summer, time spent together as a family is one of the greatest gifts we can bless our kids with

If family health and wellness has been on your heart, there is no better time then summer to start adding in a few fitness elements to help keep the whole family going strong.

Consider a 5-5-5 challenge to start; 5 push-ups, 5 sit-ups and 5 squats. Nothing too complicated and pretty simple for everyone across the board to begin at. But what if you sprinkle in some Up the Rep! “If you want to do the beginner level, do 5-5-5. But if you want to crush it and go for intermediate level, do 10-10-10. But if you really want to get even stronger, go for superhero level and do 15-15-15!”

Have fun and be creative with this family challenge as you bring in the element of Neurobics as well! Count out each rep in fruits, Disney characters, favorite movies, states of the USA and more! By challenging the body physically while the mind is also thinking critically, cognitive function is increasing as is recall and overall thinking more clearly! 

Up the Rep! and use of Neurobics on and beyond the mats are two more ways in addition to the Teaching SKILLZ of Healthy Competition, Choices, Prompting Good Behavior and Trickery discussed thus far that help to teach children in the way they learn best. If you need more ideas or inspiration, please don’t hesitate to connect with our team! We are always excited and happy to help brainstorm new, fun creative ideas with you that further support and nurture the relationship you have with your ninjas on and beyond the mats!

About the Author

Meg Klettke is the proud owner alongside her husband, Alex of Family Strong Sussex, a SKILLZ Lifetime Gold studio in Southeastern Wisconsin. With a background in traditional and alternative therapeutics, Meg is an active advocate for today’s youth. Her passion for supporting and nurturing the whole child resonates through all she does as a Proud Ninja Mom of two boys with special needs, Certified Pediatric Ninja Specialist and Content Creator for SKILLZ Worldwide.

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