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Become the best version of yourself

Physically. Intellectually.

Emotionally. Socially.

Two locations conveniently located within the heart of Muskoka.

Our Mission


At our school, the goal is to provide the most comprehensive, age-specific Martial Arts and Parkour training available on the market today known as SKILLZ. 

The SKILLZ programs include an international revolution of sport fitness and educational training that targets the age-specific needs in children.

We’ve taken the coolest parts of Martial Arts and Parkour from a variety of styles and combined them into ACTION packed curriculums that help children build skills that they can apply into every area of their life.

This means Children as early as the age of One will have a blast in their classes while learning valuable skills that enable them to be the best they can possibly be. 

Respect – Discipline – Confidence

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lasting personal health and well being


to overcoming any obstacles


at the highest level of sport and fitness

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New Age Influential VS

Traditional Authoritative

We are a positive reinforcement facility.  We’re constantly building up our students,  not punishing them or making them feel like they are doing wrong.



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Our Programs

What sets up apart from any other traditional schools, is our unique child development approach (backed by science and phycology) that works on the whole child; physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.  Start helping your child(ren) become the best version of themselves by booking your FREE 1-on-1 pre-evaluation today.

3-6 years old

Fun and Exciting

7-14 years old

Motivating and Inspiring

15 years old and up

Dynamic and Diverse

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